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The Spartan Project For Men Over 30 That Want to Lose Their Belly and Gain More Muscle 

Boot Camp For People Who Want To Get Fit, Lose Weight But Have Little Time To Train

Stong(er) Women For Women That Want To Increase Muscle Tone, Lose Fat & Get Strong(er)

Glute (Booty) Camp For The Female That Wants A Fuller, Rounder & Firmer Bum

Rehabilitation – Relief From Pain and Video Exercises Designed Just For Your Needs Because Everyone Is Different

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A service that was once used only by the rich and famous can now be accessed by anyone but not all trainers are the same. At RTB Performance we pride ourselves not only on our outstanding knowledge, passion and professionalism. Our results and attention to detail is second to none on everything that we do in and out of the gym.

Group Training

Boot Camps to Group Personal Training (GPT) such as our Male Spartan, Strong Women Project and Glute (Booty) Camp. All packages are designed to deliver incredible results in minimum time. Group environments range from 6 (GPT) – 16 (Boot Camps) per session meaning cost is considerably lowers than that of Personal Training.


Not everyone wants a personal trainer or group session to attend but if you join a gym you do want results. That’s why we offer a gym membership along with weekly weigh in’s & body fat, gym programmes with your own membership site and app to log into and watch the videos of all exercises within your programme and fill in as you go.


It’s an incredibly frustrating time in your life when you have an injury of any kind with work, family and the gym. We have built a very solid foundation of being the able to fix the injury quicker than most. Often within the first session (depending on the severity of the injury) you should see a significant difference and may not have to see us again.


Based on Charles Poliquin’s famous One Day Cure, we take you through a specific body part oner the course 3 hours. That 2 hours of training (first and last hour) plus an hour on the anatomy, biomechanics and activation drills for maximum hypertrophy (muscle growth). This will make you grow like never before.


You want the quality of training but we’re not local to you. Online training can be very hit and miss with trainers who haven’t spent much time on the gym floor. We believe that you have to do the work on the floor, gain the experience and then and only then can you become sufficient what becoming an online trainer. Our Results speak for themselves.

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RTB Performance has transformed the way I feel about fitness and nutrition. It is a friendly, relaxed and professional place to train and feel great about yourself. The trainers are excellent and know what they are talking about. I have been with RTB for 2 years and still love their sessions and seeing the results in my fitness level. As somebody who never liked gyms, RTB is a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t recommend it enough. They take the time to get to know you and your goals and then work with you to accomplish these. Great place!!!!

Sarga Bains

The trainers are fantastic and their knowledge is great! I enjoy the sessions whether it is bootcamp/group training or personal training, as the trainers are supportive of your goals and are dedicated to ensure you reach your goals. As well as the training, nutrition advice is offered as well as rehabilitation. I’ve had experience with PTs in commercial gyms and have yet to find anyone like the trainers at RTB!!! Highly recommended!

Samar Kaur

Absolutely fantastic place! I have been with these guys for just over 2 years and it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me. The owners and coaches are just brilliant and they genuinely care about YOU and are 100% focused on helping you achieve your goals. They are also always on hand to answer anyway questions or queries no matter what time of day! Would highly recommend to anyone! Keep up the great work guys!

Saira Kapil

I’ve been attending Bootcamp and Extreme Bootcamp for nearly a year now and it has been such a fantastic thing for both my physical and mental wellbeing. I find it a challenge but you can push yourself as much as you want. The team there have supported me along the way, more so than you would find at most gyms I’m sure. I would whole heartedly recommend RTB Performance to anyone who is either just starting on their fitness journey or those who want to step their fitness up to the next level.

Kate Godber


The ONLY thing that has worked for me – I have seen such a transformation since joining in September. The staff are friendly and supportive and I literally recommend this place to everyone!!


Yasmin Awome

I have to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ and give credit to Kev and Jessie at RTB Performance. Maybe I will inspire someone else.

In September I returned to RTB Performance, a team I know and trust. Wanting to regain fitness, strength and see if my abs still existed after becoming a mum! I can easily say I’ve achieved all of these things and more.

Today was my last PT Session, I smashed my goal and I’m over the moon.


Roshine McGrane

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